I’m a teacher, a scholar, and an advocate for the humanities.


Here are some questions that motivate me:

What’s the future of reading?

Why should an engineer, a biologist, or an economist study literature?

Can novels from the past help us to solve problems in the present?

How can books build communities?


Join me as we look for the answers!






At the University of California, Santa Barbara, I teach English Literature classes and work as a Postdoctoral Scholar for a humanities advocacy project called WhatEvery1Says (WE1S).  I am the Director of the WE1S Curriculum Lab. I love to teach and research nineteenth-century British novels and the history and future of literacy. And I recently received my Ph.D. from the Stanford English Dept.

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I like to write in ways that challenge boundaries, whether between disciplines (like the humanities and the sciences), between audiences (like academia and the general public), or between genres (like research and teaching).

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One of my primary goals is to maintain a constant dialogue between my research and my teaching. I love to teach using archives and engaging with the community.  I’ve designed courses about reading literature with scientists, about novels and evolutionary theory, and about the politics of literacy.

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