Hello! I’m Abigail Droge. I received my Ph.D. in English from Stanford in June 2018 and I now work as a Postdoctoral Scholar and Lecturer at UC Santa Barbara as part of the WhatEvery1Says project (WE1S). I’m the director of the WE1S Curriculum Lab, and my main goal is to bring research and teaching into closer conversation with each other. My scholarship focuses on the history of working-class reading in nineteenth-century Britain, and I am interested in finding new ways to bring literature to bear on the social and economic problems that we face in the twenty-first century.  I am a firm believer in archival research,  cross-disciplinary dialogue, and community-engaged learning. My articles have appeared in the Victorian Periodicals Review and the Journal of Literature and Science. I have a B.A. from Yale. I also like choral singing, guitar playing, and gardening.