Self-Designed Courses

“Reading Politics: The History and Future of Literacy,” English 180B, Stanford English Department (Summer 2017)
Public-humanities-based English course taught in the Stanford Summer Session to a group of diverse, multinational college and high school students. Significant community engagement portion, organized around the question of how best to relate the books we read in school to the needs of the communities around us. Recipient of a Cardinal Course Grant from the Stanford Haas Center for Public Service to allow students to work with four community partners, providing literacy and education services to low-income Bay Area populations. Also listed as a Human Rights Intensive course. Texts included Charles Dickens, Zora Neale Hurston, and Azar Nafisi.

“Novels vs. Dinosaurs: Narratives of Evolution in Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Science,” English 162-W, Stanford English Department (Spring 2016)
Part of the Writing Intensive Seminars in English (WISE) program. Course centered around tandem readings of George Eliot and Charles Darwin. Included students from both humanities and science majors.

“Display Cases and Databases: The Rhetoric of Collection,” PWR 1GAD, Stanford Program of Writing and Rhetoric (Winter and Spring 2014)
Freshman writing course with the goal of teaching students from all disciplines to enter critical conversations and write an original research paper. Course taught twice.

Collaborative Teaching Experience

Dickens Universe, UC Santa Cruz (Summer 2018 and Summer 2015)
Discussion leader for community-member seminar

Preparing Future Professors (PFP) Fellow, Stanford and San José State Universities (2017)
Shadowed Professor Katherine D. Harris in the San José State English Department and collaborated on course design for her class “Digital Dickens.” Led a workshop for the class on nineteenth-century print culture in Stanford Special Collections. The program also included shadowing Professor Harris’s Introduction to Literary Criticism class, as well as participating in weekly seminars to discuss teaching with other PFP fellows from multiple fields across the humanities and sciences.

“Text Technologies: A History,” English 184H/STS 200D, Stanford University (Fall 2014)
Co-teacher with Professor Elaine Treharne as part of the Collaborative Teaching Project. Interdisciplinary course cross-listed in the English and Science, Technology, and Society (STS) departments.

Bing Honors College, Stanford University (Summer 2014)
Teaching assistant. Three-week course for incoming senior English majors preparing to write Honors Theses. Syllabus and course material consultation with Professor Alice Staveley. Responsible for leading a full class on thesis construction and meeting with each member of cohort one-on-one to assess and address individual needs.

“Development of the Short Story: Continuity and Innovation,” English 146, Stanford English Department (Spring 2013)
Teaching Assistant under Professor Elizabeth Tallent

Teaching-Related Service

“Reading 1984 in 2017: Literary Criticism in the Community,” Partnership between the Stanford English Department and Hillsdale High School (Fall 2017)
Public humanities project funded through a Stanford Community Engagement Grant. A collaboration between a team of Stanford English graduate students and faculty and a local high school to lead community reading groups, coach student readers and performers, and put on a half academic/half theatrical public event around Orwell’s 1984, with the goal of making literary criticism accessible to a diverse audience.

Pedagogy Committee, Stanford English Department (2013-2015)
Collaborated with other graduate student committee members, Department Chair, and Directors of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies to research, design, and institute a new required undergraduate course program (WISE: Writing Intensive Seminars in English). Presented WISE as part of Stanford’s Year of Learning Great Teaching Showcase, October 2015.

Project Read, Menlo Park Library, CA (Fall 2014, Winter 2015)
Led workshops for tutors teaching writing to adult ESL learners. Wrote a handbook of pedagogy materials for tutors to use with their learners.

Honors Thesis Mentor, Stanford English Department (2013-2014)
Mentored a senior English major one-on-one throughout the thesis writing process and provided detailed feedback on drafts and ideas.